Cities of Luanda and Lobito, Angola, to be linked by motorway

16 March 2015

A new bridge over the Kwanza River along National Road 100, begins to be built this year to allow traffic to move more easily between Luanda and southern Angola, along the coast, said Director General of the Angolan Roads Institute.

António Resende said the new bridge would have four lanes, two in each direction, and be able to support vehicles weighing up to 100 tons. The site is currently undergoing mine removal and being cleared for he work yard to be installed.

The Director-General of the Angolan Roads Institute said that the current link between Luanda and Lobito, passing around the city of Sumbe, would give way to a motorway, “as it no longer has capacity to support the amount of traffic recorded on a daily basis.”

The motorway will be built in phases, “because of its length and high cost”, with the first phase starting from the bridge over the Kwanza River to Porto Amboim and the second phase to Sumbe “and so on until the work is finished.”

National Road 100 currently passes through a number of locations, such as Porto Amboim, Sumbe and Lobito, which has caused many constraints on road traffic.

The current bridge Kwanza Rover bridge will continue to work, but only for internal traffic in Luanda, Resende noted.

In addition to construction of the new bridge over the Kwanza River, two other bridges will be also built with motorway’s running along them over the Longa and Queve rivers. However, these will be smaller, as the bridge over the Kwanza River is 4 kilometres long and the other two are each 1,200 metres long. (macauhub/AO)