China takes part in Guinea-Bissau donors’ meeting

19 March 2015

Strengthening “internal understanding” in Guinea-Bissau is more important than carrying out the roundtable meeting with donors on 25 March in Brussels, said Wednesday the Chinese ambassador in Guinea-Bissau.

Ambassador Wang Hua, who will not be present at the Brussels Roundtable, told Portuguese news agency Lusa that “a strong team” will depart from Beijing to take part in the meeting organised by the Guinean government to present the development plan for 2015-2025 period to its partners.

“China, as a friend of Guinea-Bissau, will be present with a strong team and I will stay here in Bissau doing my job,” said ambassador Wang Hua, on the sidelines of a meeting organised by Guinean Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira, with diplomats and representatives of international organisations to explain the purpose of the roundtable.

Wang Hua said it was “absolutely essential” to maintain stability so that Guinea-Bissau can have the “support of many friends,” including, he said, China itself. (macauhub/CN/GW)