Electronic distribution platform for products from Portuguese-speaking countries to focus on agriculture and food

23 March 2015

The electronic platform for the distribution centre for products from Portuguese-speaking countries will give businesses in these countries the opportunity to trade with China, said the president of the Macau Institute for Promotion of Trade and Investment (IPIM).

Jackson Chang, in an interview in Lisbon with Jornal de Todos, a bilingual publication in Portuguese and Chinese, said the relationship between the companies mentioned would initially focus on agricultural and food products.

The platform includes a database of agricultural products and foodstuffs from Portuguese-speaking countries, a database of Chinese and Portuguese professionals who speak two languages, information on exhibitions and conventions, regulations and policies of the Portuguese-speaking countries , investment zones and cooperation, trade and economic information, professional service providers and other relevant information.

Chang also told the newspaper that IPIM had been working with various entities from mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries in the construction of electronic platform that, according to recent statements by the new coordinator of the Support Office to the Permanent Secretary of Macau Forum Echo Chan, comes into operation on 1 April next.

At the same time, Echo Chan said the distribution centre for products from Portuguese-speaking countries will have, over time, actual physical facilities.

In the extensive interview with the newspaper, the president of IPIM said he believed that these policies and measures would increase potential and expand business opportunities and economic integration between the Portuguese-speaking countries, Macau and mainland China.

Jackson Chan travelled to Lisbon with a Macau business delegation to take part in the “Seminar on the Online Portal for Cooperation in Economic, Commercial and Human Resources Sector between China and Portuguese-speaking countries” the ‘Three Centres’ and he launch ceremony of “Macao Ideas-Lisbon”.

The Macau entrepreneurs took advantage of the stay in Lisbon to visit the International Food and Beverage Sector Exhibition, this year in its 20th edition. (macauhub/CN/MO/PT)