Inactive mining licenses in Mozambique may be revoked

8 April 2015

Licenses for surveying and exploration of mineral resources in Mozambique whose holders are failing to meet the provisions of the law may be revoked in the short term, the national director of Mines said recently.

Geraldo Valoi said all the concessions that are not being explored and are not complying with legal requirements have been identified and are now subject to the ministry’s initiative to revoke ownership, collectively, of all the concessions that are idle and have not been in line with the Mining code for many year, according to daily newspaper Notícias.

The national director of Mining took part in a meeting with mining license holders, organised by the Manica provincial government, in order to listen to the business operators on the measures to be taken to curb illegal exploration, pollution of rivers and the lack of use of the concession areas for mining.

Valoi said that the highest incidence of illegal artisanal mining occurs in the concession areas, whose mining license holders are not using them, encouraging mining that, in turn, has very harmful effects on the environment and human health, with significant pollution of all rivers downstream of concessions and other areas with occurrence of gold.

Sergio Sacama, manager of the Chicamba dam, told the meeting that the water in the Revué River, has mercury sediments that are already negatively affecting the operation of the machines, which can affect the longevity of projects and undermine efforts to give the facility more capacity and operability. (macauhub/MZ)