Japan finances improvements to electricity grid in northern Mozambique

9 April 2015

The Japanese government will provide a grant of US$19 million to Mozambique to strengthen the electricity network in the Nacala Corridor, in Nampula province, under an agreement recently signed in Maputo.

The deputy minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Nyeleti Brooke Mondlane, who signed the document on behalf of Mozambique noted at the time that Japan has supported Mozambique in agricultural projects, technology transfer, removal of land mines and building infrastructure, including roads, bridges and schools.

The Japanese ambassador, Akira Mizutani said in turn that his country intends to continue to support the development of Mozambique and stressed that the electricity grid was a key infrastructure as, “there is great need for a stable supply of electricity in the north of the country.”

The Japanese government is also involved in financing the Pro-Savana agricultural programme, involving three-way cooperation with Mozambique and Brazil for agricultural development along the Northern Corridor. (macauhub/MZ)