Guinea-Bissau government bans logging for five years

10 April 2015

The government of Guinea-Bissau has called a five-year moratorium on felling trees across the country, according to a statement from the Council of Ministers issued Thursday in Bissau.

The statement said the government describes the situation of the country’s forests as “very serious” and that current exploration of these resources “is a blatant threat to environmental equilibrium.”

The country’s Media Minister, Agnelo Regalla, was instructed by the government to conduct awareness and information campaigns on “the gravity of the situation in the forests” and ongoing conservation efforts.

Relevant State structures were charged with sending all logs that have already been cut to Bissau, which will be confiscated and the fate of which will be determined at a future meeting of the Council of Ministers.

Official figures point to the existence in Guinean forests of over 140,000 illegally felled logs in the past two years.

Figures cited by the Portuguese News Network showed that in February and March of this year exported more than 26,000 tons of wood, which provided tax revenue of 5.7 billion CFA francs. (macauhub/GW)