International airport in Guinea-Bissau introduces “visa on arrival” system

24 April 2015

The international airport of Guinea-Bissau will have a computerised system for issuing biometric visas to enter the country on arrival, said Thursday in Bissau the Director General of the Immigration and Borders Service.

Lino Lopes, announcing the launch of the system, said that as Guinea-Bissau does not have embassies around the world the request may be made online and the entry visa is issued on arrival.

Those interested in obtaining an entry visa for Guinea-Bissau will be able to request it on the website at

The minimum response time of each application is “one week,” said Lino Lopes, explaining that the security services need time to analyse the request, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The Minister of the Interior, Octavio Alves, stressed that the investment demonstrated the commitment of the Guinean authorities to “security on entry into and departure from” the country. (macauhub/GW)