Maputo/Catembe Bridge, in Mozambique, to open in 2017

27 April 2015

Work to build the bridge between Maputo and Catembe, which connects the two shores of the Bay of Maputo, will be concluded by the end of 2017, Mozambique’s President, Filipe Nyusi.

The President, who was speaking at a rally, also said the government would make efforts to improve the vessels that currently offer passenger transport between the two sides, “to ensure their maintenance and avoid breakdowns.”

Nyusi announced the start of construction work of some roads in Catembe, over six kilometres, which will significantly improve road travel in the town, another concern raised by local residents.

The Maputo/Catembe bridge is a long-standing plan of the Mozambican authorities, who at one time negotiated financing for the project with Portugal, but which, in 2012, would be provided by the Export-Import Bank of China, when the project was officially launched together with the Maputo ring road, whose budget of about US$315 million was also largely provided by the Chinese state-owned bank in the form of loans to the Mozambican government.

Both projects are being implemented by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, and the Maputo ring road, which is 74 kilometres long in total, is in its final phase of construction.

Considered the most important work in the south of Mozambique, since the country’s independence, the bridge over the bay of Maputo will implement and complete the road link from the far north to the far south.

The bridge, which will be one of the largest suspension bridges in Africa, will be 680 metres long, with the northern access viaduct being 1,097 metres long and the southern access 1,234 metres long.

Construction of this bridge is part of the project to build the Maputo/Ponta do Ouro road, over a distance of 209 kilometres, a project split into three parts – Maputo/Catembe section (35 kilometres), section two from Catembe to Ponta de Ouro (109 kilometres) and includes the repair/construction of roads between Catembe/Bela Vista and Bela Vista/South Africa and section three to repair the Bela Vista/ Boane road (63 kilometres).

This project has an estimated cost of just over US$700 million. (macauhub/MZ)