Peace in Guinea-Bissau attracts German investors

27 April 2015

German businesspeople are interested in investing in agriculture, fisheries and construction materials in Guinea-Bissau, the German ambassador said at the end of an audience granted by the President of the Republic, José Mario Vaz.

Bernard Kapman also said that some German economic agents feel encouraged by the peaceful political and economic climate seen today in Guinea-Bissau and announced that a trade mission to Bissau would take place soon to establish contacts and identify possible projects in which to invest.

“Everyone knows that the Germans have sufficient capital to invest in Guinea-Bissau. Therefore, as one of my tasks, I will help in the mobilisation of German businessmen to come and apply their funds here,” promised the German diplomat.

He said that during the hearing the President expressed his preference for agriculture as an area that needs urgent investment, which Kapman said was an opinion he shared.

Bernard Kapman expressed the German authorities’ confidence in the Guinean government because “in the first year of its rule it is implementing many projects with determination.” (macauhub/GW)