Landfill site in Cabo Verde is an opportunity for waste collection and management companies

8 May 2015

The Santiago Landfill Site is a great opportunity for the creation of companies specialising in waste collection and treatment, the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), José Maria das Neves said a few days ago as he opened the facility on the archipelago’s largest island.

“We must not only ensure better environmental quality but also create opportunities from the waste for the country’s growth and to ensure income for families,” added the Prime Minister.

The landfill facility, which benefited from EU funding amounting to 6.5 million euros, has capacity to treat 1,200 tons of solid waste and an estimated lifetime of 20 to 25 years.

Official figures showed that about 66 percent of the more than 520,000 inhabitants of Cabo Verde live in urban areas and produce over 220 tons of solid waster per day, with half that amount, or 110 tons, originating in the municipality of Praia, which houses about a quarter of the total Cape Verdean population.

With the entry into operation of the Santiago Landfill Santiago, the next step will be to close all “open air” municipal waste sites, which the Government considers is “a big win for the environment and public health.”

Construction of the landfill site was completed in May 2012, but the facility was only delivered to the government in July 2014, due to difficulties experienced by both the government and the municipalities of the island of Santiago in raising funds to purchase the equipment the facility needed.

The landfill site opened after the two sides reached an agreement to create an inter-municipal system for solid waste management, which will be carried out by the public-private enterprise Praia Ambiente on a sub-concession basis.

The resources for sustaining the exploration and operation of the landfill site will be secured by charging a solid waste fee on electricity bills. (macauhub/CV)