ADB mission in Guinea-Bissau assesses environmental impact of the Saltinho dam

21 May 2015

A mission from the African Development Bank (ADB) is in Guinea-Bissau to review environmental impact assessments carried out in the 1980s by some companies for construction of the Saltinho dam.

The mission of environmental experts from the ADB has already travelled to the Saltinho area and met with the Guinean Minister of Natural Resources, Daniel Gomes, who reported the potential of the future dam.

On the occasion, Minister Daniel Gomes said that, during his stay in Saltinho, the mission said it had identified the place where the hydroelectric facility should be installed, taking into account the local impact on the environment.

The ADB mission also met with the Minister of Finance, Geraldo Martins with whom he discussed the financial aspects of this project and Minister Daniel Gomes said that after completion of the work it was likely the tender for the construction of the dam would be launched.

The Minister of Natural Resources said that only after completion of the studies would there be an estimate for the cost of construction and recalled that the project is part of a sub-regional project called the Organisation for Exploration of the River Gambia, which in addition to Guinea-Bissau includes Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Conakry. (macauhub/GW)