Macau receives 10 million visitors between January and April

26 May 2015

Nearly 10 million visitors entered Macau in the first four months of the year, a number that represents a decline of 3.6 percent compared with the number of visitors in the same period of 2014, the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said.

Of the total visitors that arrived in Macau between January and April – 9.959 million – those from mainland China (6.65 million) and Hong Kong (2.10 million) decreased by 3.7 percent and 2.1 percent, respectively, in annual terms, but those from Taiwan (308,700) and South Korea (209,800) increased by 1.6 percent and 12.7 percent, respectively.

In April 2.54 million visitors entered Macau, an annual contraction of 3.4 percent, and each visitor remained in the territory for an average of 0.9 days, a decrease of 0.1 days compared to April 2014. (macauhub/MO)