Guinea-Bissau’s government plans to set up manufacturing units in Bafatá

1 June 2015

The government of Guinea-Bissau intends to build footwear and sweet potato processing factories, as well as a vocational training centre and the first agricultural school in Bafatá and the country’s second, the country’s prime minister said at the weekend.

At the end of the first regional meeting of the government held in Bafatá, Domingo Simoes Pereira said that these projects were part of the regional development programme, as outlined in the strategic vision presented by the government at recent roundtable meeting in Brussels.

The Prime Minister took advantage of his presence in the city to call for improvement of agricultural production and grazing land in Bafatá, considering that the region is crossed by one of the most important rivers in the country – the River Geba.

Simões Pereira said that if the projects were successful Guinea-Bissau could become self-sufficient as well as exporting any production surplus.

The creation of cultural attractions, a sports and culture multipurpose centre, hydro-agricultural land for rice production, reforestation and encouraging milk production were the proposals adopted at this ministerial meeting for the next five years.

The government determined that, before 24 September, the day of national independence, the city would undergo improvements, including repaving streets in the downtown area, repair of water distribution networks and street lighting, as well as the local market and club as well as the start of construction of a 50-room hotel. (macauhub/GW)