Guinea-Bissau’s government announces start of agricultural mechanisation

2 June 2015

The government of Guinea-Bissau will “soon” buy 500 tractors for agricultural production, which is the first step towards the mechanisation of agriculture in the country, the Minister of Agriculture announced in Bafatá.

Aníbal João Pereira also said the government now has 40 tractors to facilitate mechanised farming in large fields, cultivators to support rural communities with smaller plots, motor pumps and rice husking machines, which will immediately be made available to rural workers.

During the ceremony to open the new 2015/2016 agricultural year, which this year took place in the city of Bafatá, in the east of the country, the minister stressed that the aim was to increase cultivated areas, especially in the regions of Bafatá and Gabu, which are crossed by the River Geba and area able to get two crops per year.

João Aníbal Pereira said 15,000 hectares of land had already identified, where the government intends mechanised production to begin immediately.

In turn, the Prime Minister, Domingos Simões Pereira, pledged soon to build a sweet potato processing plant in Bambadinca in the region of Bafatá, to make use of high production of the product in that area. (macauhub/GW)