China plans to triple rice production in Guinea-Bissau

12 June 2015

China will increase two-way cooperation with Guinea-Bissau in the areas of fisheries and agriculture, especially for rice production and other areas of interest to both countries, the Chinese ambassador said Thursday in Bissau.

Ambassador Wang Hua said at the end of an audience granted by President José Mário Vaz that a Chinese agricultural technical team was working on rice production in the Bafatá region and said “we want this activity to spread to other regions of Guinea-Bissau.”

The Chinese ambassador added that, according to projections by Chinese technicians, rice production in the Bafatá region in the current agricultural campaign is expected to triple compared to previous campaigns.

The interest in increasing rice production, the basis of the Guinea-Bissau diet, came at the same time as the government distributed about 400 computers and accessories donated by China to different government departments. (macauhub/CN/GW)