Austria wants to increase trade with Mozambique

18 June 2015

Austria plans to increase trade with Mozambique, which was less than 20 million euros in 2014, the vice president of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economics, Richard Schenz said on Wednesday in Maputo.

At the launch of a business forum between the two countries, Schenz said that last year, exports to Mozambique totalled 15.3 million euros, and that Austrian imports were 4 million euros.

Eleven Austrian companies attended the business forum from the health, energy, water, industry, food and specialised vehicles sectors and the Austrian Federal Chamber of Economics expects to increase trade between the two countries.

Some of these companies operate in the areas of cooperation defined by the two States, particularly in energy, water and sanitation, agriculture and rural development, and Austria has a subsidised financing programme for government projects for which Mozambique can apply, said Schenz.

Construction of Monapo Hospital, in Nampula province, a project costing some 5 million euros conducted by Austrian construction company VAMED, as well as other one related to bridges in Sofala province, also of the same value, are examples of initiatives funded through this programme.

Austria, which has had diplomatic relations with Mozambique for nearly four decades, is part of the Programme Aid Partners group (PAP), which annually provides financial assistance to the Mozambican state.

In 2014, the budget of the Austrian cooperation initiatives in Mozambique was 6 million euros, of which 1.5 million euros was made available through the PAP group, also known as the G19. (macauhub/MZ)