Urban and suburban agriculture project begins in Cabo Verde

19 June 2015

A project aimed at urban and suburban production of fruit, vegetables, roots, tubers and ornamental plants will begin in the capital of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), Praia, said the country’s Minister of Rural Development, Eva Ortet.

The minister, cited by newspaper A Semana, said the project, to be carried out by the central government, was part of a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) programme to create subsistence green belts in cities and surrounding areas that it calls “urban and suburban agriculture.”

Eva Ortet said the programme, focused on low-income families (living in cities and suburbs), aims to ensure a constant supply of fresh products at an affordable price.

Initially this project will only be implemented in Praia, but the government plans to expand it to other cities in the archipelago.

Funded by the FAO with a total of US$400,000, the project was launched Thursday with the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Rural Development and the UN agency. (macauhub/CV)