China supports supply of fish and rice production in Guinea-Bissau

23 June 2015

China will spend US$10 million to improve the supply of fish to the domestic market of Guinea-Bissau, the Chinese ambassador in the country announced Sunday in Bissau.

The gesture by the Chinese government aims, according to ambassador Wuang Hua, to bring an end to the shortage of fish that, in recent times, has been felt in the domestic market of Guinea-Bissau.

In order to carry out this project, the Chinese ambassador announced that, soon, a new Chinese fishing company would start operating in Bissau, giving direct employment to 400 people.

“This is a modern company that will process the catch of artisanal fishermen and establish a sales network in the country, particularly in the inland provinces,” said the Chinese diplomat.

The ambassador also said China planned to help Guinea-Bissau increase production of rice, leading the country to start exporting grain. As well as this a group of 30 young Guinean agricultural technicians will travel to China next week to receive training on farming techniques.

According to Huang Wua it is a special course organised by the Chinese government along with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Presidency of the Guinean Republic. (macauhub/CN/GW)