Macau posts trade deficit of US$3.939 billion between January and May

30 June 2015

Macau’s trade deficit reached 31.512 billion patacas (US$3.939 billion) between January and May of this year, an annual increase of 1 percent, reported the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau.

The registered deficit was due to Macau exporting goods worth 4.53 billion patacas, an increase of 7 percent year on year and importing goods amounting to 36.038 billion patacas, similar to the amount imported in the same period of 2014.

By destination, the value of goods expoprted in the first five months of 2015 to Hong Kong (2.82 billion patacas) and mainland China (664 million patacas) increased by 6.5 percent and 24.9 percent, respectively, compared to the same period last year, while the value of goods exported to the European Union (110 million patacas) and the Uniited States (82 million patacas) fell 14.5 percent and 39.7 percent, respectively, year on year.

In the first five months of the year Macau imported 13.340 billion patacas’ (+14.9 percent) worth of goods from mainland China and 8.22 billion patacas (-10.4 percent) of goods from the EU.

In the first five months of the year Macau companies imported mobile phones worth 4.0 billion patacas (US$500 million), an annual increase of 44.2 percent.

In May Macau recorded a trade deficit of 6.10 billion patacas, resulting from exports of 874 million patacas and imports worth 6.97 billion patacas. (macauhub/MO)