European Union will support Guinea-Bissau in controlling borders

3 July 2015

The European Union (EU) will support the Government of Guinea-Bissau in the control of land and sea borders, the country’s Interior Minister, Octavio Alves said Wednesday in Bissau.

The minister also told the Portuguese News Network that the support would be provided under the European Union Borders project, which should start in 2016, adding, “until then we will create conditions for greater border security.”

Alves also said that it was useless to set up a lot of security devices in Bissau and “leave the borders in the interior of the country to their fate” and expressed concern about the way Guinea-Bissau’s borders are crossed without the slightest control by the authorities.

“Unfortunately the situation is not the best and we have enforcement difficulties. Foreign nationals enter the country without any control and in some cases the authorities that area present do not have sufficient resources to carry out checks and supervision to ensure border security,” he said. (macauhub/GW)