Cabo Verde National Statistics Institute compiles 40 years of statistical data

7 July 2015

Cabo Verde’s National Statistics Institute (INE) has compiled a publication that reveals the evolution of Cape Verdean society over its 40 years of independence, INE said.

Called “40 years of reporting for a prosperous Cabo Verde – 5 July, 1975 – 5 July, 2015,” the publication, available at 1075, compiles data from areas including population, education, water, sanitation and energy, foreign trade, business statistics, national accounts, tourism and monetary statistics.

INE explained the publication, which will be reissued in October in a wider-ranging format, by saying that the history of any country is made of facts and that statistics are essential in this process as they are information that helps society to understand the path travelled by the country.

“It shows the presence of statistics at various times in our history as an independent country and the multiple contributions it has given over the years to strengthening citizenship,” the President wrote in the preface.

The number of women and men in the legislative and executive chambers between 1975-2011, the ministries, annual population growth, the number of households, life expectancy between 1970-2015, the average number of children per woman (1980- 2015), the proportion of people living below the poverty line (1989 to 2007) are just some of the data in this publication. (macauhub/CV)