Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau projects economic growth of 7 pct by 2018

7 July 2015

The economy of Guinea-Bissau could be growing at a rate of 7 percent by the end of the current government’s term of office in 2018, the country’s Prime Minister, Domingos Simões Pereira said over the weekend in Bissau.

The Prime Minister, who summarise the last year of governance at a conference organised by the National Institute of Studies and Research (INEP), said that when the government took office in June 2014, the economic growth rate stood at 0.8 percent.

“At the end of this year the economic growth rate had increased to 2.7 percent, and the government expects to end 2015 with a rate of 5 percent,” said Simões Pereira.

The Prime Minister also said the government’s programme was divided into three stages, the first being an emergency stage, to be executed over a period of between six and 12 months.

The second stage, which he called an interim and complementary stage, will review all contracts involving the state, “so that ordinary citizens have information enabling them to measure the transparency of public management,” to be followed by the third and last stage, considered the development stage, which will implement the Strategic and Operational Plan in line with lines of governance by 2025.

With regard to what has already been implemented in the first 12 months the prime minister said the government’s website had been created, where anyone can access the content of the Strategic and Operational Plan and consult the general inventory of state assets. (macauhub/GW)