Government announces construction of power station in southern Guinea-Bissau

9 July 2015

The government of Guinea-Bissau plans to launch a public tender for the construction of a thermal power plant in Buba, in the region of Quinara, in the south of the country, which will also supply electricity to the Tombali region, the Prime Minister said recently.

Domingo Simoes Pereira, who spoke at a conference entitled “A year of governance,” organised jointly by his office and the National Institute of Studies and Research (INEP), did not give details of when construction would begin, the investment involved or the name of the funding body.

At the same time, Simões Pereira gave assurances that the government would, in the near future, acquire three new ships to provide maritime links between the mainland and the island zone of the country and added that a tender had been launched.

The Guinean prime minister also mentioned a set of projects that were in the pipeline, including the country’s connection to the submarine cable that allows access to the Internet and the expansion by the end of 2015, of the lighting network in more than 50 rural locations.

He also spoke about the need to create small processing units for agricultural products, the recovery of 6,000 hectares of arable land, of which 1,000 are already in production, creating 27 animal production models and the construction of livestock trading markets in Bissau and Bigene, in the north of Guinea-Bissau. (macauhub/GW)