Cabo Verde Customs have new computer system

17 July 2015

The new customs computer system “Sydonia World” (SW) comes into operation in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), on 3 August, to improve the country’s customs services, according to an official statement.

The National Directorate of State Revenue for the Customs Area also said the launch of this IT platform had been communicated to the users of customs services, such as customs agents and brokers, clerks, transport agencies, freight forwarders and the state’s National Ports Company (Enapor .

At the presentation of the new IT platform, the Minister of Finance and Planning, Cristina Duarte, said the change in Cabo Verde from the “Sydonia ++” digital platform to “Sydonia World” would allow for “greater transparency and fighting corruption in customs.”

Sydonia World is a computer system intended to improve the efficiency of customs operations, simplify the business environment in terms of customs procedures and documentation, provide information to other users, such as the National Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Finance and Planning, Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Business Development and the central bank. (macauhub/CV)