Cabo Verde PM visits Guinea-Bissau to enhance relations

17 July 2015

The enhancement of two-way economic and business relations is the main objective of a four-day visit the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), José Maria Neves, began Thursday to Guinea-Bissau, according to officials.

“At the end of this visit we will sign the agreements needed so that our relations will be enhanced and consolidates,” said Neves after a brief meeting with his Guinean counterpart Domingos Simões Pereira.

The prime minister said the government of Cabo Verde was available to support Guinea-Bissau in the areas of state reform, modernisation of Public Administration and Social Security.

Neves confirmed Cabo Verde’s support for the process of reform in Guinea-Bissau, noting that regardless of support under the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), his country had provided a fund for the reform of the Guinean military and security services.

In addition to protocol visits to the Head of State José Mário Vaz and the speaker of parliament, Cipriano Cassamá, the Cape Verdean Prime Minister will also meet with political leaders and supporters, as well as personalities from civil society and religious leaders, even will give a lecture on “Cabo Verde’s Transformation Agenda.”

Neves is accompanied by the Minister of Tourism, Investment and Business Development, Leonesa Fortes, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Maria de Jesus Mascarenhas, and some businessowners.

The Prime Minister of Cabo Verde, who will also visit the islands of Bubaque and Rubané (Bijagós archipelago), is due to return to Praia on Monday morning. (macauhub/CV/GW)