Guinea-Bissau’s government calls for focus on ecotourism

21 July 2015

Tourism could support the development of Guinea-Bissau, promote job creation and support the growth of the economy, the Guinea-Bissau Secretary of State for Tourism said at the weekend on the island of Rubane, in the Bijagós archipelago.

Tourism can promote the development of all economic sectors of the country, said Vicente Fernandes during a visit by the Prime Minister of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), José Maria Neves, accompanied by his Guinean counterpart Domingos Simões Pereira to the islands of Bubaque and Rubane.

The two islands stand out among the more than 80 islands and islets that make up the Bijagós archipelago, in the south of Guinea-Bissau, precisely for their tourist conditions and investments made in them in the form of hotels and beach resorts.

Fernandes acknowledged that Guinea-Bissau had a lot to learn from Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in the tourism sector, so he welcomed the fact that the two governments were willing to cooperate by signing an agreement that will allow Guinean staff to receive training in Cabo Verde.

“We have to be ready for when there is growth of the tourism industry in the country,” said the secretary of state, who gave priority to ecotourism because, in his words, it is a segment that can put the country on the African tourism map before 2018. (macauhub/CV/GW)