Power grid in capital of Guinea-Bissau to be rebuilt

31 July 2015

The African Development Bank (ADB) will finance reconstruction of the electricity grid in Bissau including installation of more than 300 kilometres of cables and 18,000 prepaid meters, the ADB said.

The figures are included in the procurement notice for the project published this week by the bank.

The document also includes installation of 30 kilometres of a high voltage power line around the Guinean capital and construction of three transformer stations.

The Programme to Improve Electricity Supply to Bissau has a deadline of three years to “reduce the number of daily power cuts from 22 to less than two,” the ADB said.

Funding totals 16.7 million euros, comprising a loan of 9 million euros and a donation of the remaining amount.

“Only 20 percent of residents in the capital have access to electricity” and whoever receives energy is connected to a “weak” grid, where “half the electricity produced is lost due to illegal connections and obsolete infrastructure” and “blackouts of over 20 hours in some areas due to excessive load,” the ADB said.

This project is also funded by the European Investment Bank and by the Guinea-Bissau government. (macauhub/GW)