Guinea-Bissau government announces construction of two bridges

4 August 2015

The construction of two new bridges in Bissau and in Farim in the north, along with the connection to Catió in the south, are among the government’s priorities, Guinea-Bissauan Public Works Minister José António Almeida said in Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau’s road network is mostly unpaved. It is very old and precarious, without maintenance services.

Under the new government plan, the bridge over Bissau’s Impernal Canal is part of the project to build a second access to the capital. Almeida hopes it will eventually count financing from the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).

The minister also told Lusa news agency that financial support had been discussed with the UEMOA administration, given that the bridge will be an integral part of the trans-African route linking the different countries’ capitals.

In Farim, a town on the north bank of the Cacheu River, the road ends on the south bank and vehicles are still ferried across by barge. The aim is for a new bridge to end that situation and facilitate access to that region of the country.

In the capital Bissau construction work to provide main roads with ditches, drainage and asphalt continues, causing a number of traffic problems since late 2014.

The public works minister indicated that various construction projects on high-traffic thoroughfares should soon end, starting this week, while other work will continue even though the rainy season has begun. (Macauhub/GW)