Introduction of “Made in Mozambique” label saves companies from bankruptcy

5 August 2015

The introduction of the “Made in Mozambique” label in 2006 by the Mozambican government has saved companies from bankruptcy and promoted the recovery of domestic production, said Tuesday in Maputo the former Minister of Industry and Trade António Fernando.

“Some business owners told me that if it were not for the ‘Made in Mozambique’ campaign they would have gone bankrupt, and that industrial production increased with the introduction of the label because consumers are now more interested in what is ours,” said Fernando, who was Minister of Industry and Trade between 2005 and 2010.

Saying the decision of the government of Mozambique was daring, considering the weakness of the national business community, the former minister noted the measure was necessary to protect national production, promote domestic consumption, increase the productivity of companies and to focus on exports.

With the “Made in Mozambique” label, Mozambican families began to include more local products in their purchases, replacing the dominance of South African products, and even national music was heard more in the country, said Fernando, cited by Portuguese news agency Lusa. (macauhub/MZ)