Cabo Verde Statistics Institute releases GDP figures for each island

6 August 2015

The National Statistics Institute (INE) of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) for the first time will release the values ​​of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for each of the 10 islands of the archipelago, INE said in a statement.

In a statement, INE said that, given the requests for GDP data to be presented to more disaggregated level, it had been studying internationally recommended methodologies that allow the breakdown of GDP at more detailed levels.

To reach these results INE used “indicators on an island level that make it possible to estimate the variables that make up the GDP.”

“These figures will make it possible to understand the asymmetries between the islands, to establish the most important activities for each island, the contribution of each island to the National GDP as well as to have per capita GDP by island,” said the Cabo Verde National Statistics Institute. (macauhub/CV)