World Bank mission in Guinea-Bissau to assess the country

11 August 2015

A World Bank mission headed by Louise Cord, has been in Guinea-Bissau since Sunday to carry out an assessment of the economic and financial situation jointly with the government.

At the end of a meeting with the Guinean Minister of Economy and Finance, Geraldo Martins, the head of the mission said Monday in Bissau that the World Bank had returned to Guinea-Bissau to deepen discussions started last March, at a Brussels Round Table meeting.

Louise Cord added that the two sides would analyse and define the next stage of the partnership set up in 2014, through joint work based on mutual respect with the Guinean government.

During the two-day stay in the country, the mission will meet with Prime Minister Domingos Simões Pereira, the Ministers of Energy and Industry, Florentino Mendes Pereira, of Agriculture João Anibal Pereira and Secretary of State for Transport and Communications, João Bernardo Vieira, as well as the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Guinea-Bissau, Miguel Trovoada. (macauhub/GW)