Mozambique aims to reduce rice deficit by half

12 August 2015

The adoption of new production methods in Mozambique to reduce the current rice deficit of 360,000 tons by half is one of the main conclusions of the 7th national meeting on the subject held in the town of Buzi, in Sofala province, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported.

To this end, the national director of Agriculture and Forestry, Mahomed Valá, said sector officials would boost three areas: seed improvement, use of fertilisers and creation to sell the rice.

Another conclusion of the meeting is the need to carry out a study on a second rice season to increase production, especially in regions with great potential.

“The second season has been difficult in Mozambique because it coincides with cold nights, where the temperature falls to 16 to 18 degrees celsius, making blossoming and normal grain development difficult,” Valá said.

At the same meeting, the national director of Agriculture and Forestry said low rice production was related to factors such as difficulty in accessing quality production tools, limited use of mechanical means and difficulties in access to credit.

Valá also said that the use of traditional technologies, low capacity for water management, weak ground levelling, adverse weather such as floods and drought were other factors that had affected rice production in the country.

Mozambique has 900,000 hectares of land with potential for rice production, of which only about 310,000 are currently in use. Over half of this potential land is in Zambezia and Sofala provinces in the central region of the country. (macauhub/MZ)