Canada supports Mozambique’s general state budget

14 August 2015

The Government of Canada approved the payment of 5 million Canadian dollars of a total of 10 million planned for 2015 in direct support to the Mozambican general state budget, the Canadian embassy said in a statement issued in Maputo.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Mozambique, Shawn Barber was cited in the statement saying that “by directly supporting the Mozambican state budget, Canada hopes to contribute to improving public finance management and increased transparency and accountability.”

The ambassador welcomed the commitment made by the President and Minister of Economy and Finance in strengthening fiscal transparency and management of public finances as a key element of the partnership between the government of Mozambique and the so-called Group of 19 (G19).

General Support for the Mozambican Government Budget is offered by a group of development partners known as G19, made up of the countries and international organisations providing financial assistance to Mozambique. (macauhub/MZ)