China delivers two patrol vessels to Cabo Verde

17 August 2015

On Friday China officially delivered two patrol and search and rescue boats to the Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) government to support the country’s Coast Guard in monitoring and surveillance of territorial waters, the local press reported.

The two patrol boats, which are part of a set of equipment that China recently delivered to Cabo Verde, arrived in the country in March this year but, after preparing equipment and crew, have only now been officially delivered.

Other equipment includes four gyms, a factory for production of uniforms for the Armed Forces, computer equipment and office supplies, valued at 585.5 million Cape Verdean escudos.

In the ceremony held at the port of Praia, the Cape Verdean Minister of Defence, Rui Semedo stressed the importance of the sea and the strategic location of Cabo Verde in the Atlantic corridor, adding that the boats would help the country increase security and respond to emerging threats, such as international drug trafficking, piracy and other crimes.

The commander of the Cabo Verde Coast Guard, Anildo Morais, said that after the training given by the Chinese to Cape Verdean military, the ships were ready to operate in the coastal area of ​​the archipelago. (macauhub/CN/CV)