Implementation of electricity projects accelerated in Mozambique

19 August 2015

The government of Mozambique has reactivated the Hydroelectric Project Implementation Technical Unit to accelerate implementation of investment projects in the area of ​​power production and transmission, according to a decision from the Council of Ministers.

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Pedro Couto, who announced the decision after the meeting held Tuesday in Maputo, said that among the projects that the government considers of vital importance is the Tete-Maputo transmission line.

Couto, cited by Mozambican newspaper Notícias, said that in the energy sector there was a set of strategic projects both for power production and transport that should be carried out as part of the current five-year plan.

The Hydroelectric Project Implementation Technical Unit that has now been reactivated, will, according to the minister, check the current condition of each of the projects planned for the sector.

The UTIP, according to the minister, will be tasked with further study of the projects, proposing necessary innovations, conducting feasibility studies and potentially ensuring the start of their implementation. (macauhub/MZ)