Angola ranks eighth among African countries with most Chinese investments

25 August 2015

Angola is the eight-ranking African country with the most Chinese investments, 189, on a list topped by Nigeria with 404, indicates a compilation by the Brookings Institution in the USA, based on official figures.

The 30-page document “Why is China investing in Africa? Evidence from the firm level” by Wenjie Chen, David Dollar and Heiwai Tang analyses investment by more than 2,000 Chinese companies in 49 African countries. It reveals that most Chinese investment projects in Africa have been channelled to the service sector, with a significant number also in the area of industry.

Exponential growth of China’s investments in Africa has also led to changing perceptions of the country.

The authors cite figures from “Pew Global Attitudes”, published by the Pew research and polling institute, to state that “African respondents have a more significant positive view of China (70 percent) than in Europe (41 percent), Asia (57 percent) and Latin America (57 percent), which probably reflects the positive impact of China’s contribution to African growth.”

Regarding the Portuguese language countries, the study only refers to the number of investments in Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) and São Tomé and Príncipe. Angola heads that list, with 189 projects involving 80 companies, followed by Mozambique (94 companies), Cabo Verde (2) and São Tomé and Príncipe (1). (Macauhub/AO/CV/MZ/ST)