Zimbabwe wants to build new connection to seaport in Mozambique

25 August 2015

Zimbabwe’s government is negotiating with potential investors a multi-billion dollar project to link the country to a seaport north of Beira, Mozambique, its minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development said.

The government is studying several proposals submitted by interested companies and is also “engaging potential promoters of the project,” said Obert Mpofu, cited by business section of the daily Herald.

A number of potential developers have been identified. Plans are being worked on and as soon as a selection has been made, namely of funders, the project will go ahead, Mpofu specified.

He added that the model to be applied in this project, either a concession or a public/private partnership, has not yet been determined.

In his comments to The Herald, Mpofu did not mention Mozambique’s role in the project. Talks have not yet been held with the government of that country, where the respective port would have to be built north of Beira.

The distance between Harare, Zimbabwe and Durban on the east coast of South Africa is 1,675 km or 20 hours by road, while Beira is only 550 km away or eight hours by road. (Macauhub/MZ)