New rules for fish exports from Cabo Verde to the EU

26 August 2015

Fishing operators from Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) must henceforth obtain a health certificate to export their products to the European Union, per terms of an administrative rule published in the official gazette.

The ordinance replaces one dated March 2009 and introduces the mandatory health certificate for export products as a single and inseparable document. Its application will be overseen by the official inspector authorised by the Authority for Fisheries Products (Acopesca).

The respective preamble indicates that the change is meant to adjust the sector to European Union rules for the import/export of products for human consumption and to improve the business environment between the two markets, reports the Cabo Verdean newspaper A Semana.

Cabo Verde has been included for years on the list of countries authorised to export to the European Union, which is the leading recipient of fish from the island nation.

The country’s fisheries sector accounts for more than 80 percent of exports. The government’s current strategy includes efforts to stimulate the so-called ‘sea cluster’, optimising the value chain that the sea represents for the Cabo Verdean economy. (Macauhub/CV)