Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries falls 24.2 pct from January to July

7 September 2015

Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries fell 24.20 percent year on year to US$58.687 billion from January to July 2015, according to Chinese official figures published in Macau.

In the first seven months of the year China imported goods worth US$35.893 billion (-32.01 percent) from the eight Portuguese-speaking countries and sold them goods in the amount of US$22.794 billion (-7.44 percent), taking on a trade deficit of US$13.099 billion.

With Brazil, its main trading partner globally, China registered bilateral trade of US$42.185 billion (-18.35 percent) – about 72 percent of the total with the Portuguese-speaking countries – with imports worth US$24.663 billion (-23.61 percent) and exports reaching US$17.522 billion (-9.59 percent).

Second in importance comes Angola, with two-way trade of US$12.45 billion (-43.01 percent), with China having exported goods worth US$2.395 billion (-7.97 percent) and importing goods whose value reached US$10.054 billion (-47.75 percent).

Portugal, in turn, traded goods and services with China worth US$2.55 billion (-6.71 percent), of which US$1.657 billion (-6.68% billion) was Chinese exports and US$802 million ( -6.77 percent) was Portuguese exports.

Mozambique appears in fourth place with trade of US$1.4 billion (+30.63 percent), with exports from China worth US$1.136 billion (+41.81 percent) and imports of Mozambican products in the amount of US$264 million (-2.45 percent).

China’s trade with other Portuguese-speaking countries reached US$101 million in the first seven months of the year.

During the reporting period Brazil and Angola accounted for US$54.635 billion or 93 percent of China’s trade with the eight Portuguese-speaking countries. (macauhub/AO/BR/CN/CV/GW/MZ/PT/TL/ST)