China is main buyer of ornamental rocks from Angola in July

15 September 2015

China was the main buyer of ornamental rocks from Angola in July, according to a newsletter of the Ministry of Geology and Mines published in Luanda.

The report, cited by Angolan state news agency Angop, also said that in July Angolan companies exported 3,502 cubic metres of natural stone, compared to 177 cubic metres a month earlier, an increase that was due to the accumulation of exports at the Angostone and DGF Africa companies.

Compared to the same month of 2014, when 2,222 cubic metres were exported, there was an increase of 57.5 percent.

Also in July, production of ornamental rocks, including marble and granite, reached 2,027 cubic metres, a monthly increase of 381 cubic metres.

The newsletter also reported a sharp contraction in output of 49.5 percent compared to July 2014, the month in which 4,020 cubic metres of ornamental rocks were extracted.

This fall was due, according to the report, to low demand in domestic and foreign markets. Coreangol, for example, is one of the companies that currently has a lot of rock in storage and does not need to extract more.

The value of sales in July rose to US$1.05 million, compared to US$40,000 recorded a month earlier and US$952,000 in the same month of 2014. (macauhub/AO/CN)