EU projects analysed in Cabo Verde

16 September 2015

A joint mission of the European Union (EU) and Luxembourg, which holds the rotating presidency, started a two-day visit to Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) in Praia to check the status of projects supported by European and Luxembourg cooperation.

The mission includes the Director of International Cooperation and Development of the European Union (Devco), Portugal’s Fernando Frutuoso, and the Director of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of Luxembourg, Marine Schommer, according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

The two officials met Tuesday with the Cape Verdean Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Maria de Jesus Miranda, who after the meeting emphasised the doubly “symbolic and practical significance” of this visit.

“We are talking about a new stage of Cabo Verde as an economic partner, in cultural and social areas but also in matters of security and stability and, increasingly, an equal partnership in which Cabo Verde as a country that just receives state aid – though this is still important – gives way to this (new type of) partnership,” she said.

During the visit, which ends Wednesday, the two officials will be received by the Cape Verdean authorities and will visit EU- and Luxembourg-funded projects on the islands of Santiago and Fogo. On Fogo the delegation will find out about the process of re-housing victims of the volcanic eruption, which has the support of the European Union. (macauhub/CV)