Chinese group CITIC modernises agriculture in Angola

22 September 2015

Chinese group CITIC is in talks with the Angolan government to be granted 30,000 hectares of land to farm in Bié province, Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported.

The agency said that the land would be allocated to rice production, as part of a project that has the financial support of Chinese banks.

The Chinese state group currently manages two major agricultural areas with a total of 20,000 hectares in the provinces of Uíge and Malanje, which are pilot areas for agricultural development in Angola.

“Angola has a lot of rainfall and we are trying to recover its status as a major grain producer in Africa,” said Liu Guigen, general manager of CITIC Construction Africa group that is involved in the project.

The CITIC farm in Malange, 380 kilometres from Luanda, is considered the most modern and advanced farming unit in Angola, having harvested over 10 tons of grain last season.

The Uíge farm, in addition to agriculture, is also developing an animal husbandry project.

Angola consumes about 4 million tons of grain a year but needs to resort to imports from Brazil and Namibia, among other countries, as domestic production is only 1.5 million tons.

CITIC Construction, which is now involved in agricultural development projects in Angola, was responsible for building the satellite city of Kilamba Kiaxi on the outskirts of Luanda, which involved investment of US$3.5 billion. (macauhub/AO/CN)