Rice is the biggest food import into Sao Tome and Principe in 2014

22 September 2015

Sao Tome and Principe spent US$5.6 million on purchasing rice in 2014, the archipelago’s most imported food product, according to the West African nation’s National Statistics Institute (INE).

Figures provided by INE to Macauhub in Sao Tome showed that rice imports for 15.7 percent of purchases abroad in 2014, with a total of 8,427 tons and a cost of US$5.6 million, compared with US$4.2 million spent in 2013.

Next on the list of biggest food imports, after rice, is beef accounting for 12 percent of the total and costing US$4.3 million dollars and wheat flour with 9.7 percent and US$3.5 million.

Japan is the largest supplier of donated rice to Sao Tome and Principe under an a food aid agreement worth an estimated US$3 million.

The cash raised through the sale of Japanese rice is used to repair schools, health centres, roads and drinking water supply systems. (macauhub/ST)