Cabo Verde approves legislation to combat illegal fishing

30 September 2015

Foreign fishing vessels are required to apply for prior authorisation to enter or use Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) ports and to land or transfer fishing catches, the spokesman for the Cape Verdean Cabinet said recently.

Démis Lobo said the statute approved by the government, called the National Action Plan to Prevent Illegal Fishing, aims to ensure the long term conservation and sustainable exploration of the living resources and marine ecosystems of Cabo Verde, according to weekly newspaper A Semana.

The spokesman also noted that this legislation was in line with the “Port State Measures,” to be introduced by countries with port facilities, adopted by the United Nations Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in November 2009.

Lobo also said that most of the measures contained in the National Action Plan to Prevent Illegal Fishing were already included and developed in current legislation.

The Cape Verdean authorities will therefore carry out regular inspections in accordance with universal minimum standards, monitoring compliance with documentation requirements, as well as establishing trade measures and sanctions, draw up a list of illegal fishing vessels that are unreported and unregulated, keep offending ships out of ports or prevent them from enjoying certain port services. (macauhub/CV)