Japan gives food aid to Mozambique and Cabo Verde

12 October 2015

Japan has donated 11,000 tons of rice to Mozambique, with an estimated value of US$5.1 million, the Japanese Embassy in Mozambique said in a statement issued Friday in Maputo.

“Japan considers food insecurity is a serious problem in the country and, therefore, has been providing food aid to Mozambique since 1977,” the statement said, adding that 2,500 tons would be destined for southern Mozambique, 3,300 tons for the central region and 5,300 tons for the northern region.

The Japanese Embassy in Mozambique also said Japan had donated around US$170 million in food aid since 1977.

The governments of Japan and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) are also due Monday in Praia to sign a food aid donation agreement worth US$2 million, included in the 2015 Japanese financial year.

“This assistance (…) has a positive impact in Cabo Verde at various levels,” according to a government statement, pointing to benefits in terms of food security, supporting the balance of payments and job creation.

As well as food aid, Japan’s government has provided aid to Cabo Verde for sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, telecommunications, sports, water supply, health, education, transport and infrastructure. (macauhub/CV/MZ)