Graphite discovery in northern Mozambique is of excellent quality

15 October 2015

The graphite discovery in the Balama Norte and Ancuabe concessions in northern Mozambique, has “unique commercial versatility,” Australia’s Triton Minerals said in a statement issued Wednesday.

Metallurgical tests conducted recently have shown a substantial presence of large graphite particles in the deposit at Monte Nicanda in Balama Norte, wherein more than half of the mineral mass consisted of particles larger than 150 microns.

The samples subjected to testing also revealed that the graphite could be easily obtained through a single phase, with the company claiming that local processing would help the region’s economy and allow for the sale of the product at a higher price.

The Monte Nicanda concession contains the world’s largest known graphite deposit and Triton Minerals recently announced the success of a graphene oxide production test carried out in a laboratory in Singapore using graphite from concessions in Mozambique. (macauhub/MZ)