China and Guinea-Bissau partner in canning and fish distribution

30 October 2015

The installation of a canning industry and fish distribution networks in Guinea-Bissau should take place soon, said the Secretary of State for Fisheries and the Maritime Economy, Ildefonso Barros.

The minister, who was addressing a delegation of businesspeople from the Chinese province of visit Jiangsu visiting the country since 26 October, added that these were the major commitments of the government and its Chinese partner, the China International Fisheries Corporation (CONAPEMAC) through a memorandum of understanding.

“The process is very advanced and I hope that soon we can have the privilege of seeing the start of construction work,” said the Secretary of State for Fisheries and the Maritime Economy noting that he future fishing industry would be located in Bissau, with facilities where CONAPEMAC operates.

He said that the cold storage chamber for fish to be distributed in the country would also be installed inside the Chinese company, which supplies the Guinean market with 1,000 tons of fish, said its Deputy Director, Smiley Ferreira.

“We are planning to build a facility that will among other things, have cold stores with a storage capacity of 2,000 tons of fish, a factory for daily production of 100 tons of ice and storage of materials and equipment to support artisanal fishing,” said the Deputy Director referring to the industry announced by the Guinea-Bissau Secretary of State for Fisheries.

Before the meeting with the head of the fisheries sector, the Chinese delegation had a brief meeting with the Director General of Trade for Guinea-Bissau, Jaimentino Có, who expressed the interest of Jiangsu province in receiving Guinean cashew nuts.

According to the head of the delegation, Zhang Song Ping, Jiangsu province has a population of over 88 million people. “So it’s a big market for the selling (cashew) nuts,” he said. (macauhub/GW)