Cabo Verde launches 5th Agricultural Census

10 November 2015

The 5th General Agricultural Census (RGA) of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) started on Monday and is expected to take three months and cost 4.9 million euros, according to the Minister of Rural Development.

Minister Eva Ortet said, during the announcement of the census, that it was a “strategic” operation and would allow Cabo Verde to have fundamental information about the dynamics of the agricultural sector on a national level.

“We have the perception that all investments in agriculture have had an effect. We estimate that there is a large increase in production, there is a decrease in prices, but we have to measure this impact, we must have actual data on the sector and also to assess what contribution the agricultural sector gives to GDP,” said the minister at the time.

The agricultural census will involve about 500 people, including agents, supervisors and representatives of the Ministry of Rural Development across Cabo Verde, coordinated by the National Statistics Institute.

The first agricultural census was conducted in Cabo Verde in 1963, followed after after independence by censuses in 1978, 1988 and 2005. (macauhub/CV)