Brazil’s Embraer projects demand for 9,100 corporate jets over the next decade

17 November 2015

Demand for executive aircraft is expected to total 9,100 jets over the next 10 years, providing income of US$259 billion to manufacturers, according to a forecast released by Brazil’s Embraer.

The announcement was made during the 2015 convention and annual meeting of the National Business Aviation Association, held in Las Vegas, USA.

The forecast issued by Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica (Embraer) points to a compound annual growth rate for the segment of 3 percent, also exceeding deliveries of executive jets in the last decade, with 8,190 aircraft and a market value of US$198 billion.

The new forecast for deliveries reflects high demand in the US market and a reduction in emerging countries, where light aircraft and medium-sized ones in greatest demand, accounting for about two-thirds of total deliveries.

The market in North America is expected to acquire 4,850 jet aircraft, Europe and Africa around 2,100 and the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific region around 1,500 units, while demand in Latin America should not exceed 650 units.

By size, the demand for light jets is expected to reach 2,420 units, followed by medium-sized aircraft with 3,280 units and large aircraft with 3,400 aircraft. (macauhub/BR)