Angola’s rotating presidency of the Kimberley Process comes to an end in December

18 November 2015

In October Angolan exported 624,000 carats of diamonds generating revenues of US$86 million, at an average price per carat of US$138, said the Angolan Ministry of Geology and Mining, adding that the country’s presidency of the Kimberley process was due to end in December.

In October 2014 Angola exported 800,000 carats for US$111 million at an average price of US$155 million.

The diamonds were mined in Catoca, accounting for 576,776.55 carats, Cuango (40,267.10 carats), Chitotolo (19,852.41 carats), Camutue (14,752.95 carats), Calonda (10,073.32 carats), Luo (5,951 carats), Somiluana (5,154.85 carats), Uari (3,924.97 carats), Maua (2,672.14 carats) and Lulo (1,621.45 carats).

Meanwhile, the signatories of the Kimberley Process exported 130.44 million carats of rough diamonds valued at US$14.1 billion in 2013, according to data releasedTuesday in Luanda by the Minister of Planning and Territorial Development, Job Graça.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 13th Plenary of the Kimberley Process, the minister stressed that certification enabled replacement of the destructive capital accumulation process, such as weapons and ammunition, with capital accumulation, which is a promoter of economic growth.

Angola ends its term as President of the Kimberley Process on 31 December. (macauhub/AO)